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Welcome to the Centre for Research of Innovation & Sustainable Development (CRISD) Mechanical and Material Cluster website.


The CRISD mechanical and material cluster applies engineering principles and problem-solving techniques to manufacturing machines that enhance human life. In terms of application, mechanical and material engineering is involved in every aspect of life, from athletic equipment, multimedia devices, medical devices, automobile engines to aeronautical industries. Our ultimate goal is to conduct world-class research by continuing development in machinery and devices that enable humans to work on the ground, underwater, and even in space, which is in line with the success of the fourth industrial revolution. The centre provides a professional and multidisciplinary research environment, specifically in the mechanical engineering fields of mechanics, manufacturing, material science and engineering economics, as it is formed by a diverse group of experimentalists, theoreticians, and computational experts in these areas. The primary objective of the cluster is to elevate the performance and variability of existing intelligent manufacturing and machining technologies with in-depth knowledge of material properties.

CRISD mechanical and material cluster offers various research projects, including nano-material, natural and synthesis composites, metal, polymers, ceramics and their composites, biomass pyrolysis, material processing, and conventional and non-conventional machining and manufacturing systems.

Future's prospect

 The output of these research areas would be beneficial for both local and national industries in discovering innovative approaches, developing high-quality products, and elevating the manufacturing process's effectiveness. Students or graduates passionate about these research areas and intense in fundamental mechanics, mechanical systems, and material sciences are welcome to join our cluster.


No Name SchoolPositionExtensionEmailQualifications
1)PROF IR DR MOHD SHAHRIL OSMAN SETDirector of CRISD543drshahrilPhD (Loughborough),
B.Eng Mechanical (Loughborough)
2)DR AKBAR BIN KADERI SETPostdoctoral Researcher Fellow573akbarPhD in Materials Engineering (RWTH Aachen University, Germany),
MSc and BEng (Honours) in Materials Engineering (International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia)
3)ASSOC PROF DR ABU SALEH AHMEDSET525abusalehPhD Energy (Kyoto University),
M.Sc (Eng.) Mechanical Engineering (UM),
B.Sc (Eng.) Mechanical Engineering (BUET)
4)IR TS NGU HENG JONGSET412ngu.heng.jongMProfEngLead (Griffith University Australia) ,
P. Eng (BEM) ,
B. Eng (Hons) Major in Mechanical Engineering (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)
5)IR DR SII HOW SINGSET472dr.siiPhD Mechanical, Staddfordfire University (UK) ;
M. Eng. Sc. (Internal Combustion Engines & Bio Fuels (University Malaya;
B. Eng Mechanical, University South Australia
6)DR DAYANG SITI HAZIMMAH BINTI ALISET507siti.hazimmahPhD. Civil Engineering in Construction Materials (UMP), MSc. in Materials Engineering (USM), 
B. Eng. in Materials Engineering (USM)
7)DR SEBASTIAN DAYOUSET424sebastianPhD in Nanoscience and Technology (USM),
MEng in Mechanical Engineering (UMS),
BEng in Mechanical – Materials (UTM)
8)DR TING TIEW WEISET540dr.tingPhD in Mechanical Engineering (Monash University),
B.Eng in Mechanical (Multimedia University)
9)DR IRINA WONG MING MINGSETHead of Cluster461dr.irinaPhD in Manufacturing Engineering, UNIMAP,
Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering, UNIMAP
10)CAPT (RTD) DR OTHMAN INAYATULLAHSET434drothmanPhD (Mechanical & Materials) of UKM,
M.Eng Manufacturing System of UKM,
B.Eng Mechanical Systems, (Osaka)
11)MS LAU SIE YEESET535lau.sie.yeeM. Eng in Eng. Management (UPM),
B. Eng in Manufacturing Eng. (UTeM)
12)MS TAHARAH BINTI EDINSET505taharahM.Eng in Mechanical (Unimas),
B. Eng in Mechanical & Manufacturing Eng. (Unimas)
13)MDM ZALIKHA BINTI RAMANSET536zalikhaMaster of Science, Safety, Health and Environment, UTM,
Degree in Medicine, IM Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Russia
14)MR MOHD SAIFUL BIN SULAIMANSET569saiful.sulaimanMaster of Science in Natural Resources Management, University Malaysia Kelantan,
Degree of Applied Science in Bio Composite Technology, UiTM
15)MR TING SING TUNGSET423t.sing.tungMaster in Mechanical Engineering, L'institut Superieur De I'automobile Et Des Transports
16)MS ELLISHA ANAK ILINGSET584ellishaMaster of Engineering, UCTS,
Bachelor of Degree in Materials Engineering, UNIMAP.
17)MDM AMIRA FARHANA BINTI MOHD TARSET423amirafarhanaMaster of Science (Manufacturing Engineering, UTeM).
18)MR PETER YEK NAI YUHSET531peter.yekM. Eng in Mechanical, UNIMAS,
B. Eng in Mechanical & Manufacturing, UNIMAS

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