Approved Internal Research Grants

Project LeaderResearch ID No.Project Title
Suzy Rini anak Gindi1/2021/02Nutrition Bar from Local Ingredients
Taharah Edin1/2021/03Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Plastic and Natural Fiber as Biorenewable Natural Fiber Plastic Composite Materials
Dr. Geno Peter1/2021/04Smart Fault Monitoring and Normalizing of A Power Distribution System
Dr. Mazizah Ezdiani bt Mohamad (UJRP)1/2021/05Physical Characterization and Stabilization of Peat Soil using Silica Fume-Bitumen Emulsion
Ir. Dr. Prashobh Karunakaran1/2021/06Extension of Providing Water Supply for Kampung Abit, Sri Aman
Wong Chee Chung (Top Down)2/2021/01Pipe Burst vulnerability Map for Sibu Water Board (SWB)

Wong Ling Ai2/2021/04Optimal placement and sizing of BESS considering 'duck curve' issue using enhanced whale optimisation algorithm
Nor Asrina bt Ramlee2/2021/09Investigation on Antenna Material and Operational Amplifier Model for Measuring Electric Fields from Lightning Flashes
Abdul Fattah bin Ab Razak2/2021/11The optimisation of physically stable pasteurised kenaf seed beverage with application of response surface methodology
Dr. Sebastian Dayou3/2021/02Effects of Surfactants on The Dispersion Stability and Heat Transfer Performance of Hybrid Nanofluid Containing Graphene Nanoplatelet and Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube
Ellisha anak Iling1/2020/01Design and Development of a Small-Scale Filament Winding Machine
Dr. Dayang Siti Hazimmah Ali2/2020/01Performance Studies of Polythylene Terepthalate Concrete Brick for Construction of Building
Ir. Sie Teck Sung2/2020/06Production of Hydrothermal Biochar for Environmental Remediation
Tonny Ling Heng Yew2/2020/09Integrated Wireless Electronic Healthcare Sensing and Monitoring System
Mohammad Hafsanjani bin Salleh3/2020/01Application of Reverse Osmosis to Pre-Concentrate Nipa Fruticans Sap in Gula Apong Processing
Dr. Ting Tiew Wei4/2020/06High-Performance Graphene-Based Coolant for Thermal Efficiency Enhancement of Automotive Radiator
Dr. Yong Ching Yee (Prototype)4/2020/10A Prototype: Distribution Board with SCADA and IoT
Nurhayatie binti Sajali1/2019/02Detection of Porcine DNA from Commercial Processed Meat Products in Sibu, Sarawak
Koh Chen Chung1/2019/03Optimisation of Prebiotics Extraction from Agro Industry Waste as Functional Food Ingredient
Farah Syahirah Abdul Shukri1/2019/05Physico-Chemical, Mechanical, Functional Properties and Storage Quality of Local Dabai Fruit (Canarium Odontophyllum Miq.)
Assoc Prof Dr. Hii Siew Ling1/2019/07Characterisation of Bioactive Compounds from Malaysian Kelulut Honey
Wong Ling Ai1/2019/08Optimal Allocation of Battery Energy Storage System in PV Integrated Power System for Power Quality Improvement
Dr. Mazizah Ezdiani bt Mohamad1/2019/09The Behaviour of Concrete Beam Reinforced with Basalt Fibre Reinforced Polymer under Static Load
Hwong Chia Shing2/2019/04Development of Stingless Bee Honey - Ginger Crystal
Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. A. Razak Yaacob2/2019/06Design and Fabrication of 3 Phase Ohmic Heating (OH) System for Fermentation and Digester with IoT Interface Module
Syazie Nordzaima3/2019/02Effectiveness of Local Agriculture and Industrial Wastes as Partial Cement Replacement in Sibu Peat Stabilization
Dr. Yong Ching Yee3/2019/07Wireless Power Transfer Charging Plate
Ir Dr Prashobh Karunakaran (UTP Matching Grant)4/2019/07Development of Micro Hydro Generator at Rural Area in Sarawak
Dr. Augustine Chioma Affam (UTP Matching Grant)4/2019/09Decision Support Systems Development for Water Monitoring for Peat Soil Management
Dr. Augustine Chioma Affam (UTP Matching Grant)4/2019/10Enhanced Sibu Peat by Monovalent, Divalent and Trivalent Cationic Reagent Grout Methods with Biochar Addition for Wetland Soil Development
Abdul Ismail Abdul Rani4/2019/11Investigation of Organic-Inorganic (PTAA/nSiGe) Hetero-Interface Barrier Effect on Optoelectric Properties
Capt (Rtd) Dr. Othman Inayatullah4/2019/13An Investigation of the Capability of the Stress Wave Statistical Analysis (SWSA) in Monitoring the Viscosity of Mineral Based Lubricant
Dr. Mastura Bujang (UTP Matching Grant)4/2019/14Utilization of Silica Waste for Peat Soil Stabilization
Kee Keh Kim4/2019/17Predictive Modelling of CO2 Emission based on Electricity Consumption
Dr. Augustine Chioma Affam (UTP Matching Grant)4/2019/20Constructed Wetland System for Peat Soil Ecosystem Restoration and Water Quality Analysis
Abdul Fattah bin Ab Razak

Production of Canned Kenaf (Hibiscus Cannabinus L.) Seed Milk
Dr. Sebastian Dayou
Comparative Study on Heat Transfer Performance of Carbon Nanotube and Graphene-based Nanofluids in Heat Exchanger Application
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ling Jen Hua
Behavior of Voided Reinforced Concrete Beams under Flexural and Shear Loads
Mohamad Saiful bin Sulaiman
Bamboo and Gypsum Boards for Sound Absorbing Applications
Nasihah Mokhtar
Evaluation of Four Composts from Wood Waste of Planted Timber Species for Peat Substitution in Nursery Utilization
Nor Asrina bt Ramlee
Parallel Plate Antenna and Electronic Circuit Design for Measuring Electric Fields from Lightning Flashes
Wong Ling Ai
Control Algorithm for Battery Energy Storage System to Improve the Performance of Power System
Dr. Dayang Siti Hazimmah Ali
Fabrication of Paper from Oil Palm Frond Fibre
Koh Chen Chung
Extraction of Prebiotics from Underutilised Native Plant Species as Functional Food Ingredient
Ir Dr Prashobh Karunakaran (Prototype)
A Device to Provide Safety for High Voltage Switchgear Switching Personnel
Ir Dr. Sii How Sing
Kaizen - The Toyota Way in Agricultural Industries
Peter Yek Nai Yuh (Prototype)
Microwave Steam Activation System to Convert Palm Kernel Shell into Highly Activated Carbon
Peter Yek Nai Yuh
Microwave-Assisted Torrefaction (MAT) Coupled with Waste Oil Activation: An Approach to Upgrade Fuel Product from Empty Fruit Bunch Pellet
Norhasmillah Abu Hassan
Utilisation of Oil Palm Fibre for Membrane Water Treatment
Dr. Geno Peter
Enhancement of Energy Meter with GSM Prepaid System and Protective Relay
Wong Chee Chung
Ultrasonication and Hydrodynamic Cavitation (HC) Coupled with Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) for Train Wash Wastewater (TWW) Treatment
Dr. Augustine Chioma Affam
Train Wash Wastewater Treatment using Membrane Filtration System and Advanced Oxidation Process
Mastura Sani
Detection of Genetically Modified Soy Bean in Food and Animal Feed Samples from Sarawak
Mohd Sabri Mohd Afandi
A Study on Physicochemical Properties of Spray Dried Kelulut Honey Powder
Kee Keh Kim
Design and Development of the Model of Cyber Physical System (CPS) to Support the Applications of IoT in Smart City
Dr. Sebastian Dayou
Effects of Dispersion Stability on the Viscosity of Nanofluid Containing Multiwalled-Carbon Nanotubes
Dr. Mastura Bujang
Performance of Oil Palm Fruit Ash (OPFA) as Binder Modifier in Asphaltic Concrete
Mohd Syafiq bin Abdullah
Preparation of Hydroxiapatite from Decapterus Macrosoma Fishbone and Rhodomyrtus Tomentosa Extract as Potential Anti Hyperpigmentation Agent
Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Shahril Osman
Development of Self-Sustainable Pyrolysis System to Convert Biomass into Biochar
Ir. Wong Chee Swee
Production of Low Cost Bio-Adsorbent via Single-Step Microwave Steam Activation Technique for COD Removal of Landfill Leachate
AP. Dr. Ling Jen Hua
Utilization of Palm Oil Industry By-Product in Mortar and Brick Production
Ir. Ngu Heng Jong
Design and Development of Micro Hydro Turbine for Green Energy Extraction
Ir. Dr. Sii How Sing
Design and Characterization of an 'Open Source'Pyrolyser for Bio Char Production for Smallholder Farmers
Lau Sie Yee
Performance Analysis of Microwave Air Heater (MAH) for Agriculture Product Drying Application
Peter Yek Nai Yuh
Production of Biochar from Oil Palm Waste through Vacuum Carbonizer for Mushroom Cultivation
Ir Dr Prashobh Karunakaran4/2018/21

Water Supply for Kampung Abit, Balai Ringin
Dr. Geno Peter
A Detailed Analysis of Electrical Power Generation using Synchronous and Asynchronous Motor
Assoc Prof Dr. Hii Siew Ling
Study on Physiochemical and Functional Properties of Stingless Bee Honey Indigenous to Sarawak
Abdul Fattah bin Ab Razak
Development of Table Spread by from Dabai (Canarium Odontophyllum Miq.) Fruit Kernel Powder
Dr. Dayang Siti Hazimmah Ali
Risk and Reward of Green Building Material: A Study among Sarawak Construction Player in Kuching, Sibu & Miri
Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Zahid Abidin
Design and Fabrication of Pulut Panggang Automated Grilling Machine (PPAGM)
Wong Chee Chung
Modelling and Statistical Analysis for Removal of Boron from Wastewater: A Comparison of the Performance of Different Sorbent Materials and Adsorption-Flocculation Process
Dr. Augustine Chioma Affam
Treatment of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) Wastewater by Integration of Advanced Oxidation and Aerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor Process
Norhasmillah Abu Hassan
Exploration of Potential Prospects of Dabai (Canarium Odontophyllum) Fruit for Better Nutritional Food Products
Dr. Ting Tiew Wei
Heat Transfer Performance of Piezoelectric Actuated Spray Cooling in Automotive Radiator with Nanoparticle Suspension
Nisa 'Aqila binti Bakie
Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) of A New Development of Sibu Central
Dr. Mazizah Ezdiani bt Mohamad
Investigation of Porous Concrete Fabricated with Bottom Ash and Geopolymeric Binder
Ir. Leong Wen Kam
Study on Desludging Frequency on Septic Tanks at Residential and Commercial Area: A Sibu Case Study
Suzy Rini anak Gindi
Ice Cream from the Outer Skin Waste Material of "Belimbing Hutan" (Baccaurea Angulata) Fruit
Ting Sing Tung
Combustion and Emission Performance of Palm Oil Based Biofuel Produced from Sarawak in a Micro Gas Turbine System
Wong Chee Swee
Investigation of Modified Ultrasonic Cavitation for Treatment of Palm Oil Mill Effluent Wastewater
Ir Dr Prashobh Karunakaran
To Study the Feasibility of High Voltage Power Transmission using Bare Copper Cable Suspended within Carbon Steel Pipes Suspended with Ceramic Insulators
Samat Iderus
A Study on Dielectric Parameters of Malaysia Based Palm Oil
Dr. Dayang Siti Hazimmah Ali
Cracking Mechanism in Durable Steel Fiber Reinforced Acrylic Emulsion Polymer Modified Concrete (SFRPMC)
Dr. Ting Tiew Wei
Convective Transport of Nanofluid in Porous Microchannel Heat Sinks
Dr. Ling Jen Hua
Effects of Silica Fume on the Properties of Concrete
Peter Yek Nai Yuh
Production of Activated Carbon from Palm Kernel Shell by Microwave induced Pyrolysis
Ir Sia How Teck
Performance of Oil Palm EFB Fibre on the Sand-Cement Brick
Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Zahid Abidin
Concentration of Pineapple Juice by a Locally Designed and Fabricated Reverse Osmosis System
Dr. Mazizah Ezdiani bt Mohamad
Investigation of Potential Hybrid Bio-Filler for Concrete
Dr. Augustine Chioma Affam
Organic and Inorganic Contaminants Removal from Rajang River Water (Sibu Downstream) using Physico-Chemical Process
Nor Asrina bt Ramlee
Power Quality Comparison between Various Types of Renewable Energy
Wong Ling Ai
Novel Quantum-inspired Lightning Search Algorithm for Optimal Photovoltaic Distributed Generation Placement
Dr Thomas Moh Shan Yau
Improvement of the Efficiency of Silicon-based Solar Panel with Cooling Technology at UCTS, Sibu
Tonny Ling Heng Yew
System and Method for Real-time Monitoring, Assessment, Analysis, Retrieval and Storage of Physiological Data for Providing Health-Related Information
Ashraf A. Razak
Feasibility Study of the Design and Fabrication of Ohmic Heating (OH) Equipment in Food Sterilization and Food Essences Extraction
Suzy Rini anak Gindi
Jam from the "Belimbing Hutan" (Baccaruea angulata) fruit skin
Jong Chian Haur
Prototyping Smart Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) Gear Box System with Single-Input-Rule-Modules (SIRMs) Connected Fuzzy Inference Actuator
Hwong Chia Shing
Nutritional Profile, Total Phenolic and Antioxidant Activity of Terung Asam Sarawak
Kee Keh Kim
Comparative Performance Analysis of Hybrid System Applied in Maritime Tugboat-in Energy/Fuel Efficiency and ROI perspective
Assoc Prof Dr. Hii Siew Ling
Optimisation of Bioplastic Film Production from Indigenous Seaweed Polysaccharide for Potential Application in Food Industry
Nurhayatie binti Sajali
Preliminary Development of Meat Admixture Detection of Meat spp Multiplex Real Time PCR enhanced Taqman Probe
Ching Lee Fung

Determination of Total Ginsenosides in Panax Capsule using Spectrophotometry and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
Dr. Yong Ching Yee4/2016/14
Human Physiology Motion Bi-Modal Biometric System
Tiong Tung Chuan
Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) for Dengue Mosquitoes Control
Peter Yek Nai Yuh
Heterogeneous Catalyst: Preparation and application in Biodiesel Transesterification of Palm Oil Mill Effluent
Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. A. Razak Yaacob
A Conceptual Study of Extraterrestrial Connectivity Infrastructure in Restructuring the Future of Malaysia's Telecommunications
Peter Yek Nai Yuh
Application of Photocatalytic Nanoballs in Paint as Self-Cleaning Surface of UCTS Exterior Walls
Azrul Zulwali Kifli
Sibu Peat Stabilization using Acrylic Copolymer Admixture
Syazie Nordzaima
The Engineering Properties and The Effect of Geogrid on Peat in Sibu, Sarawak
Tonny Ling Heng Yew
Real Time Health Monitoring System for Elderly with Body Sensor
Dr. Othman Inayatullah
Predict the Characteristics of Metals Based to Vibration Wave Analysis: Vibration Mechanical Properties Math Model (Vibmp)