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Welcome to the Centre for Research of Innovation & Sustainable Development (CRISD) Environment and Water Cluster website.


Researchers within the Environmental and Water Research Cluster group work on research projects in water supply and sanitation, industrial wastewater treatment, sludge and soil remediation. These cover a wide range of issues, such as water supply engineering including the development of integrated water supply engineering in selected communities by recycling wastewater, home or small scale water treatment using filter technology, ozone and membrane technology, wastewater engineering such as biological treatment and bio-energy production through waste and treatment of textile industry wastewater, and other specific industries, as well as the use of wetland in domestic wastewater treatment, sewerage and modelling of drainage and hydraulic designs. Researchers also perform studies on environmental infrastructure in terms of advanced materials design, structural modelling and design, concrete and timber design, pavement design, traffic design, and geotechnical engineering and modelling work.

Student Project

In this cluster, student design projects usually involve conventional civil engineering systems where they are required to understand basic concepts and fundamental skills such as:

  • Engineering mechanics – how structures carry loads

  • Strength of materials – how much load can structure carry

  • Dynamics of buildings – how structures move

  • Environmental chemistry – removing harmful chemicals and pathogens from water

  • Drinking water treatment – making murky water germ-free and tasty

  • Wastewater treatment – reducing human impact on the aquatic environment


1)MR AZRUL BIN ZULWALI KIFLISET510azrulzulwaliM.Eng in Civil Eng. (Unimas),
B.Eng in Civil Eng. (HONS) (UiTM), Diploma in Civil Eng. (UiTM)
2)DR LING JEN HUASET526lingjenhuaPhD (UTM),
M.Eng (UTM),
B.Eng Civil (UTM)
3)DR MAZIZAH EZDIANI BINTI MOHAMADSET471mazizahPhD in Civil Engineering (Structure & Material),
M. Eng in Civil Eng.(UTM),
B. Eng in Civil Eng.(UTHM),
Dip. in Quantity Surveying (UTM)
4)DR AUGUSTINE CHIOMA AFFAMSETHead of Cluster436augustinePhD. Civil Eng. in Environmental Eng. (UTP), 
MSc. Civil Eng. in Environmental Eng. (USM), 
B. Eng. in Soil & Water Engineering
5)DR MASTURA BINTI BUJANGSET490mastura.bujangPhD Civil Engineering in Highway & Transportation (UTM) ,
Bachelor in Civil Engineering (UTM)
6)IR SIE TECK SUNGSET419sietecksungP.Eng (BEM),
Bachelor Civil Engineering (Auckland)
B.Eng in Civil Eng. (USM)
8)IR LEONG WEN KAMSET549leong.wen.kamP.Eng (Civil), M.I.E.M.,
M.Sc (Civil) (NTU Singapore),
B.Eng (Civil) (Hons) (UNITEN)
B.Eng in Civil Eng.(Unimas)
10)MR WONG CHEE CHUNGSET564wongcheechungMSc Environmental (South Australia), 
B.Eng in Civil Eng. (South Australia)
11)MDM NISA 'AQILA BINTI BAKIESET489nisa.aqilaM. Eng (Civil Engineering), Unimas,
B. Eng (Civil Engineering), Unimas
12)MDM UMMI HUMAIRA BINTI BUJANGSET583ummi.humairaMaster of Civil Engineering, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM),
Bachelor in Civil Engineering, UTHM 
13)MR LIM YONG TATSET580limyongtatMaster of Engineering, UCTS,
Bachelor in Civil Engineering (Hons), UCTS.  

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