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Welcome to the Centre for Research of Innovation & Sustainable Development (CRISD) Energy Cluster website. The CRISD Energy Cluster will pursue excellence in developing energy technology solutions and sustainable development research. Fuels like coal and oil that once were a fine innovation in creating energy are now rapidly depleting, and these non-renewable resources have resulted in the increase of fossil fuel prices. Therefore, there is a need for alternative energy sources which are long lasting to satisfy the desire of mankind for better quality of life. Such energy sources like solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, and hydropower are the key to our future. There is a great incentive to exploit renewable energy to face the challenges inherent in the changing environment and remain prepared for future trends. Moreover, there is huge potential for demand-side management and energy conservation which should be exploited for the benefit of the country and the environment.


Our environment is blessed with high solar radiation as it is strategically located near the equator which are still being studied and evaluated for future exploitation. Hence, the centre takes a leading role in encompassing all aspects of renewable energy projects from inception to maturity. The centre will coordinate the efforts of researchers and academics working in different areas of energy production and utilization in order to create strong cooperation with industry. To be a leading research centre for providing and promoting novel and sustainable energy solutions. CRISD Energy Cluster contributes to sustainable development at regional and national levels through social equity, economic efficiency and technology. Increase public awareness about the best use of energy, energy conservation and the feasibility of renewable energy usage especially in rural areas.

Future's prospect

Thank you for your interest. Hopefully this website can provide detailed information on our people, facilities and research activities that may be relevant to you.


1)DR GENO PETER SETDeputy Director of CRISD566drgeno.peterPhD Electrical Engineering, Anna University, India, 
Master of Engineering in Power Electronics and Drives, Karunya University, India, 
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Bharathiar University, India
2)MR SAMAT BIN IDERUSSET504samat.iderusMaster of Electrical Engineering (UTHM),  
Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (Honours)  (UTHM),
Graduate Engineer, Board of Engineer Malaysia.
3)DR RAMLI BIN RASHIDISET537ramli.rashidiPhD. in Technical & Vocational Edu.(Germany),
PhD. in Technical & Vocational Edu. (UTHM),
M. Sc in Human Resource Development (UPM),
B. Eng. in Electrical & Electronic (Brighton, UK),
Adv. Dip. Skill Malaysia
4)TS DR THOMAS MOH SHAN YAUSET479t.s.y.mohPhD in Electrical & Electronic Eng.(TU Delft),
M.Sc in Biophotonics (ENS Cachan),
M.Eng in Mechatronics and Automation Control (UTM), B.Eng Electrical (UTM)
5)IR DR ABDUL RAZAK BIN YAACOB SET533a.razakDoctor of Eng. (Business Eng. Management) (UTM),
Master in Business Administration (UKM),
M.Eng in Communication Eng. (Japan),
B. Sc in Electrical & Electronic Eng. (Loughborough, UK)
6)IR DR PRASHOBH KUMAR KARUNAKARANSET406prashobhPhD. in Manufacturing Engineering (Automation) at UNIMAS,
BSc. in Electrical Engineering at SDSU (SD, USA),
MSc. Economic at SDSU (SD, USA) 
7)IR WONG CHEE SWEESET528wongcheesweeMSc Structural (Leeds), 
B. Eng in Civil Eng. (Leeds)
8)DR YONG CHING YEESET554ching.yeePhD in Electrical Engineering (UTM),
Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (UTM)
9)TS. DR TONNY LING HENG YEWSETHead of Cluster565tonnylingMSc (Eng.) Intelligence Engineering (Liverpool),
B. Eng (Hons) Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Liverpool),
Graduate Engineer [Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM) and The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)]
10)MR KEE KEH KIMSET435kkkeeC. Eng (UK) ,
MSc in Electronics (Communication system), Diploma in Technology (Electronic Engineering) (TARC)
11)MR TIONG TUNG CHUANSET532tiongtungchuanMSc.Electronics (Queens Uni. Belfast), Technology (TARC),
Dip. Technology, Electronic Engineering (TARC)
12)MR JONG CHIAN HAURSET502chian.haurM.Sc in Electronics Engineering (UNIMAS),
B.Sc in Electronics & Computer Eng (UNIMAS)
13)MDM NOR ASRINA BINTI RAMLEESET552asrinaM.Eng in Electrical Eng. (UTHM),
B.Eng in Electrical Eng.(Telecommunication) (UTM)
14)DR WONG LING in Electrical Engineering (UKM) ,
(B.Eng) in Electrical & Electronic Eng. (UKM)
15)MR ABDUL ISMAIL BIN ABDUL RANISET572abdulismailM.Eng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (UMS),
B.Sc in Physics with Electronics (UMS)
16)MS NURAMALINA BINTI BOHARISET585nuramalinaMaster of Engineering in Electronics (UNIMAS), Bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (UNIMAS)

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