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The collaboration within UCTS and industry will come in different modes of engagement such as Innovation and R&D, technology transfer and consultancy.

In Sarawak, many industries such as ship building, palm oil, food and timber should collaborate with CRISD as it is able to provide various equipment and facilities accordingly.

In this process, CRISD will work closely with industry partners with the objective of adding value to their products and services, aiming for the larger goal of bringing novel solutions for society at large. Achievement of ISO17025:2005 by School of Engineering & Technology (SET) laboratories will shed some light on promoting SET laboratories to industries.


CRISD will collaborate with all related parties that have MoU and MoA with UCTS. Currently, we have signed MoU with Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST).

We also welcome collaborators from other countries to enhance the research works and linkages. Through the partnership, we expect to share new ideas and technology to enhance sustainable development.

The partnership also includes training, staff attachments, students’ exchange programme and internship.