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Head of Bioresources Research Cluster


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Welcome to the Centre for Research of Innovation & Sustainable Development (CRISD) Bioresources Cluster website. Sarawak is well known as a home of diverse natural resources and biodiversity. Established in 2019, the Bioresources cluster has commenced researches pertaining to innovative food products development from indigenous plants local to Sarawak. Besides, the cluster also focuses on research related to food technology, particularly food processing, food analysis, food preservation, prebiotic, halal food science and detection of genetically modified organisms (GMO).


The development of functional food ingredients is vital to meet the demand of the growing population. Indigenous plants such as ‘Dabai’ (Canarium odontophyllum), ‘Belimbing Hutan’ (Baccaurea angulate), ‘Sagu Lemantak’, ‘Chempedak’ (Artocarpus integer), ‘Nipah palm’ (Nypa fruticans) and ‘Bario rice’ have been utilized to develop food products such as cookies, ice-cream, snack bar and noodle. Analysis of the nutrients present in these indigenous plants is vital prior to food products development. This can be achieved by the utilization of the state-of-the-art equipment available in our laboratories.

In addition, an environmentally friendly ‘Pulut Panggang Electrical Grill Machine’ was developed by the Bioresources research team, which aim to lessen grilling time and reduce the amount of smoke released. Apart from food processing, research related to food preservation is also critical to prolong the food storage and ensure the edibility of the food consumed. Hence, optimization of various food preservation techniques has been conducted in our laboratories.

Future's prospect

Further exploration of various natural resources is warranted. In this regard, the Bioresources cluster will continue to strive in research and development through project collaboration and services to meet the growing population's demands, especially in Sarawak.


1)ASSOC PROF DR MOHD ZAHID BIN ABIDINSET508zahidabidinPhD Food Technology (UiTM), MSc Food Technology (USM),
BSc Food Technology (USM)
2)TS DR HII SIEW LINGSET511hiislPhD BioProcess Engineering / Fermentation Technology (UPM),
MSc Environmental Engineering (UPM),
BSc Biotechnology (UPM)
3)MDM NORHASMILLAH BINTI ABU HASSANSET561norhasmillahMaster of Science Environmental Chemistry of UPM,
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Industrial Chemistry, UPM
4)MS NURHAYATIE BINTI SAJALISETHead of Cluster553nurhayatieMaster of Science (Medical Microbiology) of Universiti Putra Malaysia,
Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Sciences) of Universiti Putra Malaysia
5)MDM SUZY RINI ANAK GINDISET506suzyMSc Aquaculture (National Taiwan Ocean Univ),
BSc Food Technology & Bioprocess (UMS)
6)MR KOH CHEN CHUNGSET417koh.chenchungGraduate Technologist (Malaysia Board of Technologists),
M.Sc. (USM) Food Technology,
B.Tech. (USM) Food Technology
7)MR ASHRAF BIN A.RAZAKSET418ashrafMSc Advanced Chemical Engineering (Birmingham), B. Eng. in Chemical Engineering (Australia)
8)MR ABDUL FATTAH BIN AB. RAZAKSET480abdul.fattahMaster of Process Safety & Loss Prevention, UPM, Bachelor in Chemical Engineering (Hons) Food Technology, UniKL
9)MDM CHING LEE FUNGSET568chinglfMSc Resource Chemistry (UNIMAS),
BSc Analytical Chemistry (UNIMAS)
10)MDM MASTURA BINTI SANISET550masturaMaster of Science in Biotechnology (UNIMAS), Bachelor Degree (Honors) Resource Biotechnology (UNIMAS)
11)MR MOHD SYAFIQ BIN ABDULLAHSET414mohdsyafiqBac in Food Science & Technology, UiTM,
Master in Food Science, University Malaysia Terengganu
12)MDM NASIHAH BINTI MOKHTARSET422nasihahBSc. of Plant Resources Sc. and Management, UNIMAS, MSc. of Natural Resources, UMK
13)MS FARAH SYAHIRAH BINTI ABDUL SYUKRISET581farah.syahirahMaster of Science (Food Technology) , Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM),
Bachelor of Science, UPM
14)MR MOHD HAFSANJANI BIN SALLEHSET581mohd.hafsanjaniMaster of Engineering (UCTS),
Bachelor of Science with Honours (Biochemistry), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
15)MS NUR'AIN FARHAH BINTI SUHARDISETnurainfarhahMaster of Food Technology (UPM),
BSc (Hons) in Resource Chemistry (UNIMAS)

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