Centre of Research for Innovation and Sustainable Development (CRISD) intended to develop quality research and technology advancement innovatively through interdisciplinary approach.

The current expertise in the field will pursue high impact activities that can benefit the industry and society such as:

  • Research
  • Trainings
  • Seminars and public lectures
  • Innovation


CRISD was officially established as a new research centre at the School of Engineering and Technology , University College of Technology Sarawak. CRISD function as a cluster point to gather all research expertise, students and industries in multidisciplinary projects.

The focus of CRISD is on the development of innovative process technology that will enhance the quality of life in the future process industry. Sustainable development is defined as a process of developing technology that is innovative and capable of beinf utilized with minimal long term effect on the environment; without exhausting natural resources and economically effective.


Currently, all staff under School of Engineering and Technology are in seven multidisciplinary areas; Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Technology, Food Technology, Wood Technology and Industrial Chemistry.

All staff are actively involved in research in their cluster areas respectively. Through various research grants, staff, students and industries are linked in together.

The objective, vision, mission and operational structure of Centre of Research for Innovation and Sustainable Development (CRISD) are aligned with the UCTS core values; Commitment, Integrity, Caring, Enterprising, and Green.